Shopify today announced the launch of its consumer app, simply named Shop. 

The new shopping assistant combines features such as the discovery of local businesses, customized recommendations, purchase payment and tracking, the company announced in a press release



Product recommendations on other online stores “offer a feed of products from brands you don’t know, brands you don’t care about — most of these platforms are driven by advertising,” explained Carl Rivera, general manager of Shop, in a Techcrunch story. Shop, on the other hand, will not include any ads, and it will be available for free to both shoppers and brands.

“Shopify has focused the last decade on solving complex problems for entrepreneurs by making commerce seamless and accessible,” said Rivera in a press release. “Now, we want to do the same for customers. We set out to solve the common pain points in the customer’s shopping journey today while developing specific features, like local business discovery, that will be relevant today and in the future.”

Shop Recommendations | Source: Shopify

Shop combines Shop Pay, a one-click accelerated checkout, and Arrive, an app to track online orders. which has been used by 16 million shoppers to track their e-commerce orders, to make purchasing and order tracking easier for shoppers, the press release reads. 

The new app, according to TechCrunch, is actually a rebrand of Arrive from Shopify merchants and other retailers.

It also includes a local shopping feature to bring more visibility to local businesses and make it easy for Canadians to find and support neighbourhood favourites. 

“We are setting out to reimagine the online shopping experience for customers — to provide them greater convenience, transparency, and personalization. As a result of social distancing and stay-at-home measures, customers have become more reliant on online ordering than ever before as it becomes more challenging to stay connected to the brands they love,” Shopify said.

The iOS and Android free app are available for download today.


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