Phihong ships injector, multi-port midspans with Power over Ethernet

Offering 15.4 Watts per port, the midspans allow power over Ethernet where power can be inserted on to a pair. It offers full power to all ports and allows both power and data to be carried over a single Ethernet cable. The vendor claims it will cost US$20 per port to offer PoE using its equipment.

Two single-port injectors are available (a 15.4-Watt and 19.6-Watt version), while multi-port mid-spans are available with eight, 16 or 24 ports.

The multi-port midspans support applications including VoIP, access points, security systems and lighting systems with a single uninterruptible power supply.

Designed to work with phones compatible with the IEEE 802.3afr standard, they also detect the Cisco 7910, 7912, 7940 and 7960 pre-af IP phones and the Cisco 350, 1100 and 1200 access points.

The 15.4-W single-port PoE adapter includes a diagnostic LED, IOL Test Report and can support Bluetooth access points and IP print servers.

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