Waterloo, Ont.-based enterprise software provider OpenText presented an updated version of its solutions aimed at helping businesses discover and manage information important to their organization so they can make better decisions. This is especially important as disruptive digital technologies threaten many industries.

Unveiled Wednesday at OpenText Enterprise World in Las Vegas, OpenText’s new Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions include OpenText Suite 16 and OpenText Cloud 16, which will both be available sometime in early 2016. Both versions include an integrated suite of tools for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Analytics, which work together to help businesses collect and manage streams of data – making it actionable.

Some of the new features in OpenText Suite 16 and OpenText Cloud 16 include integration with customer relationship management application Salesforce and HR application Successfactors for deeper insights into customers and employees. This information can be combined with other data to provide a complete view of customers and how they interact with the company, and determine what processes a business could adopt and what marketing materials it could produce to make the sales process easier for customers.

OpenText Suite 16 can be installed at a corporate data centre, whereas OpenText Cloud 16 is available on the OpenText Cloud or through third-party cloud provider.

In September, OpenText launched OpenText Big Data Analytics, its first in a series of on-demand cloud-based analytics solutions.

During his keynote at OpenText Enterprise World, OpenText CEO Mark J. Barrenechea said, “Disruptive business models, innovative digital technology platforms and new tools are having a profound effect on organizations whatever their industry or size. To compete and thrive, companies need to completely embrace the digital world… To be digital outside, organizations have to also be digital inside. With OpenText Suite 16 and OpenText Cloud 16, we will help drive that digital transformation to enable customers to better manage information, better integrate their business networks and make better business decisions with analytics, for a better way to work.”

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