If you’ve ever wished you could take your old collection of image assets and give them a breath of new life with animation, then the just-released Plotagraph Pro might be for you.

The software is cloud based and requires users to upload their images in JPG or PNG format. Through a tool accessible in a web browser, usres apply masks to the areas they want to remain static, and directional flow treatments to areas that should convey movement, a press release explains. Animated files can be exported as GIFs, MOVs, MP4s, and more.

Plotagraph Pro’s algorithms are best at subtle and generic movement – clouds rolling through the sky, smoke rising from the ground, or water rippling in place, for example.

Plotagraph Pro is already being used in campaigns by FleishmanHIllard, Dodge, Coca-Cola, VitaCoco and Microsoft, according to the Santa Barbara, Calif.-based firm. The service was created by travel photographer Troy Plota and artist Sascha Scheider, working with artist George Redhawk as a key consultant.

The concept of mixing static images with some areas of animation has been put to use by Toronto-based Flixel. That software requires a user create a “Cinemagraph” with its own tools, or work from a video to create a static image with moving elements.

To use Plotagraph Pro, users can subscribe for a membership to the service starting at $79 USD.

The Plotagraph Pro team released several press images today along with its announcement. Take a look below:

This image is animated by ThinkTap CEO Richard Harrington using a Microsoft Surface.

This image was created by Plotagraph Pro CEO Troy Plota:

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