New Norton tool can extend mobile phone battery by up to five hours

Symantec’s latest version of Norton Mobile Utilities can help you add up to five extra hours of battery life for your mobile phone, the company says.

Here’s how it works: the tool shows you which apps your phone isrunning and allows you to close some of them to save some juice for thephone. By making the phone run more efficiently and use less power, itcan also make your device run faster, Symantec says.

The ‘lite’ version of the tool isa free download in the Android app market.

You can also use it to track power sucking stuff like voice, text anddata usage.

‘Lite’ and ‘full’ versions
Testing by the company showed that the tool saved users an average ofup to five hours of battery life.

The tool comes in two versions: the lite version can be downloaded forfree from the Android app market, while the full version is $9.99. Thefull version allows you to automatically kill apps running on yourphone at scheduled intervals to free up memory, save power and speed upyour phone.

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