Two companies recently forged a new partnership in an effort to aid more enterprises looking to reduce paper waste.

NetDexterity, which specializes in enterprise information management, has announced it plans to integrate DocuSign‘s eSignature services into its ND | Apps on Office 360 solution in order to streamline document management and curtail the need for endless printed pages during everyday business practice.

“We are proud to partner with the global standard for digital transaction management as DocuSign’s secure, cloud-based platform is trusted by companies and consumers around the world,” said Steve Kopstick, president at NetDexterity, in a statement. “ND|Manage with DocuSign on Office 365 enables our customers to rethink information management — saving time and money.”

The Toronto-based firm’s move is potentially a boon for businesses looking to quash the amount of paper used on a regular basis, or to go entirely paperless. The DocuSign implementation into NetDexterity’s ND | Manage platforms assists organizations to remove the pain and high costs of obtaining signatures. The partnership allows NetDexterity customers to more easily obtain digital signatures necessary for a variety of documents and to consolidate the entire document management process.

“We’re pleased to have NetDexterity join The DocuSign Global Trust Network of more than 100,000 companies and more than 50 million users in 188 countries,” said Glenn Griffin, vice president of business development at DocuSign, in a statement. “NetDexterirty’s seamless integration with DocuSign will help bring the value of digital transaction management to more countries, companies and customers around the world so they can operate 100 per cent digitally.”

NetDexterity’s detailed dashboard also allows users to track signatures as each team member uses DocuSign, which adds a convenient layer of transparency as colleagues collaborate on documents. Meanwhile, NetDexterity’s apps help keep the organization’s record management processes in one place.

Streamlining this kind of information management can help reduce turnaround time on important documents (i.e. no need to physically print pages, sign on the dotted line and mail/fax copes) as well as cut down on the ever-increasing costs of printer supplies and reams of paper.

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