Social networks continually strive towards a better user experience. They want you to spend more time on the site and share it with others all over the web and outside of it. In a bid to keep the network lively, Facebook has announced several new features which it is testing and will roll out to the public in the near future.
Facebook video profile pic

Here are the features in a nutshell:

1. You will be able to use 7 second videos as profile pictures. These videos will be on loop.
2. Option for temporary profile pictures (Read more below)
3. You will be able to pin 5 pictures on top of your profile.
4. Mobile focused design with bigger photos and friends section.

Featured photos

When I read about it first I was wondering what could be the possible use of such a feature. It’s quite useful, actually. Have you ever met a person at a social gathering and then tried searching for them only to find several people with the same name?

This feature will help people upload five featured photos with which others can easily identify them. Besides that, it could be a nice way to have a little collection of favorite pictures of yourself.

About me and visibility

Currently information about yourself is hidden away in the about me section. With these updates, Facebook plans to show up your public information in a section just below your profile picture. This again will help others to identify you better. You will be in complete control of what appears there.

Temporary profile picture

With the temporary profile picture you will be able to set a profile picture which will revert to the previous profile picture after a set period. This feature will come handy, especially during special events, holidays and for causes.

For instance, you update your scary Halloween pic as up a profile picture. You can set it to stay up until October 30 and then revert back to your older “unscary” self.

Your profile on mobile

Facebook wants you to be on the front and centre of your profile, quite literally. Currently the profile picture is placed more towards the left. With the new update you will be able to have it in the centre of the profile. They will also be given more virtual real estate because we all know that pictures and the visual aspect is of paramount importance to people on social networks.

What is your prediction? Do you think this will catch on and lead people to spend more time on Facebook?

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