‘Like’ the new IT Business Facebook page

We’ve covered Facebook from a lot of different angles – how to use it for marketing, how to use it to get hired (and not to get hired), how to manage your reputation with it, how to keep your privacy in tact, and even how to delete your account.

But if you haven’t followed through on that article and deleted your account, then we’d like to invite you to join us as we embark on our own Facebook project. You can find our new brand page at www.facebook.com/itbusiness.

We hope to use Facebook as another place to listen to our readers. Over the past couple years we’ve broadened the means we have to connect with you realtime. We’ve added Disqus comments to each of our articles to get your thoughts on what we write. We’ve integrated the Twitter accounts of our editorial staff into our home page so we can talk with you in real time. We’ve launched a batch of community blogs to better connect with industry thought leaders.

Now we’d like to add Facebook to our social media arsenal – where you’ll learn a bit more about the people behind IT Business. We’ll talk about the places we’re going and the things we’re doing to cover our beat, and give you an inside peek as to how we’re working.

Currently on our page we are sharing our blogs are they get posted. We’ve got a few pictures up of the editorial staff (including one with the Stanley Cup). There’s also a discussion about Facebook (seems fitting) and privacy. We’d also like to hear from you about what you’d like to see on our Facebook page.

We’re all ears.

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