In light of cannabis legalization in Canada today, Lift & Co. is introducing a user-driven databank to help consumers select the proper solution for their needs – think of it as a personalization engine for cannabis.

The search function takes into account the desired effect (energized, relaxed, etc.), age, gender, and experience with cannabis. Based on the given information, it suggests products in both oil and herb form from licensed producers. Lift & Co. serves only as an informational site and does not sell products directly.

Each product has a dedicated information page complete with a detailed breakdown of its THC and CBD content, as well as a scale of how strongly they affect the user and in what areas. It also highlights the duration of the effect, top time of consumption, and the optimal method of consumption.

The rating and information for every product is based on user feedback. Lift & Co implements a review guideline that requires verification of purchase through scanning the receipts. Active reviewers can earn Lift Points, which can be redeemed for gift cards at Amazon, Cineplex, and Indigo. Members are eligible for access to promotions from the site’s partners and industry events.

Because the site is completely user-driven and based on user reviews, it cannot constitute as medical advice. While Lift & Co. provides a brief guide on the basics of cannabis use, it strongly recommends speaking to a physician for best medical advice.


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