Letters from Las Vegas

Comdex, even in its reduced form, is still the most challenging event I cover each year — and the most exhilerating.

There is never a better chance to see more, to do more and to learn more about this industry than that week at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Distilling what I got out of the

show is another matter. I can’t cover every single new product launch, or every single power panel, so I select what I think will be most effective for the majority of our readers.

Beyond the news, I think Comdex has a culture all its own, and conveying its ebbs and flows is another important element of what we bring to you each day. That’s why I call these editorials “”letters,”” because I want them to give you the kind of first-person reaction of what affected me over the course of the conference.

In case you missed any of them, please enjoy this recap of adventures I had this week — and let me know if there’s areas I should watch out for next year.

Pearly Gates
11/18/2002 – Microsoft’s plan to clean up the IT industry’s messes

Your show of shows
11/19/2002 – If you were here, increased attendance is the last thing you’d want

What are you looking at?
11/20/2002 – The battle for attendee attention spans Comdex Fall 2002

Seeing is believing
11/21/2002 – The kooky ideas that make Comdex worthwhile


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