Kirstine Stewart is leaving her role as vice-president of media at Twitter Inc. to take new role as chief strategy officer with London, Ont.-based pop culture website

Stewart, author of 2015 book Our Turn, which is part autobiography, part career advice manual for business women, first announced she would be departing from Twitter earlier this summer, after Re/code broke the news. Stewart is the latest executive to take flight from Twitter’s nest, continuing a series of shakeups to take place since company founder Jack Dorsey returned to the CEO role last year. Other departures include media head Katie Jacobs Stanton, product chief Kevin Weil, engineering lead Alex Roetter, and human resources lead Brian Schipper.

Stewart, who was the first hire to Twitter Canada’s office in 2013 as managing editor, is returning to Ontario to join Diply’s team. In a blog post on her Medium account, Stewart describes this time in her career as a “Goldilocks moment.” Her prospects for a new job included a return to television (Stewart is formerly an executive with the CBC’s broadcast division), other social media platforms, and Diply.

“An opportunity to join a company, one that’s well-established but still a newcomer in the intersection of tech and media,” she writes. “One with founders looking to bolster their C-Suite and who are energetic about moving their company to the next level. And who were looking for someone to help them build something they intend to be transformative.”

Diply, via a press release, says Stewart’s role will be to lead expansion efforts with content creators and push more content and video distribution. She’ll also be working with recently hired president Dan Lagani to create new opportunities for brand advertisers.

Founded in 2013, Diply’s site is now ranked number 11 of all lifestyle media properties in the U.S. with 34 million U.S.-based monthly visitors, according to the site.

According to Alexa’s traffic ratings, Diply is ranked 85 in the most-trafficked websites worldwide. It is the 19th most-popular website to visit in Canada.

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