Kaspersky, Symantec take top honours in antivirus tests

Drum roll, please. The testing is now over and Dennis Technology Labs has released its list of the most effective antivirus products on the market today.

Kaspersky and Symantec came out on top in this latest round of tests.Products were rated in three categories: enterprise, small business andhome use. Kaspersky Small Office Security takes top honours in thesmall business niche, as noted in our source story from Network World.

In the enterprise category, Symantec Endpoint Protection gets the topnod, although Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows came in a closesecond. For home users, Dennistesters report that Kaspersky Internet Security and Symantec NortonInternet Security 2012 were pretty much in a dead heat for the mostaccuracy. The straggler in this category was Microsoft SecurityEssentials, which was compromised by 15 per cent of the threats aimedat it during tests. By comparison, some other products in the test werecompromised zero per cent of the time.

Testing assessed the performanceof various products for home, small business and enterprise use. (Photo:Shutterstock)

Testing measured accuracy, how well products handled both real threatsand non-threats, and how often the products confused legitimatesoftware with malicious code.

Source | NetworkWorld

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