iPhone 5 not hurt by Apple Maps problems

Another survey on the iPhone 5 is showing that problems related to Apple’s new Maps app and the new Lightning port are not weighing heavily on the minds of consumers.

In fact, Bethesda, Md.-based ChangeWave Research shows the iPhone 5 is showing record demand rates among smartphone buyers. A September survey of 4,270 mostly North American consumers shows consumers are even more likely to buy an iPhone 5 than they were to buy the iPhone 4S about one year ago.

In September, 19 per cent of consumers said they were “very likely” to buy the iPhone 5. In October 2011, only 10 per cent said the same for the iPhone 4S. Only 60 per cent said they were unlikely to buy the iPhone 5, compared to 71.5 per cent a year ago for the iPhone 4S.

A ChangeWave survey shows ‘antennagate’ was a bigger problem than Apple Maps.

Despite media attention around problems with the Apple Maps app and the extra cost of buying new adapters to work with the Lightning port, consumers are shrugging off these issues. Apple Maps came pre-installed on iPhone 5 and nine out of 10 users say they “haven’t experienced any problem.” Only three per cent said it was a “very big problem.”

Even among consumers who said they were unlikely to buy the iPhone 5, not even one person said it was because of the Maps issue.

ChangeWave didn’t conduct a poll of how many times Apple Maps users have gotten lost as a result of relying on the directions of the new app.

Source | ChangeWave

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