Startup name: Instaradio
Presenter: Kevin Kliman, CEO and co-founder
Funding: $300,000 committed out of $1 million

Startup premise:

There’s YouTube for videos and Instagram for photos, but what is out there on the great wide Web for audio?

Kevin Kliman, co-founder of Instaradio, says his startup’s new app is the answer.

He envisions Instaradio as a way of sharing and streaming not only music playlists, but audio files to others. Whether it’s a mother streaming her daughter’s recital to her husband, or comedians and politicians broadcasting their messages to their followers, or reporters taking down quotes for their stories, Kliman anticipates a whole slew of use cases for the Instaradio app.

“No tweet will ever be as authentic as hearing the cadence and tone of someone else’s voice,” he said. “With Instaradio, we’ve taken a utility and built something simple and social.”

(Image: Instaradio screenshot)
(Image: Instaradio screenshot)

Kliman went on to say within 10 days of launching the Instaradio app, users have downloaded it 4,000 times and sent out 8,000 broadcasts. The startup is seeking $1 million in funding and has raised about $300,000 so far.

Instaradio has also just landed a spot in the second cohort of Toronto accelerator IdeaBoost. It will be working alongside five other startups in the digital media space until the end of the summer.

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