Google Now is available for iPhone and iPad users for the first time. Google released an update to its Google Search app on the App Store today, offering iOS users the service that’s been available on some Android phones for nine months.

The object of Google Now is to provide you with useful information before you even search for it. Android users of the service have report eerily good experiences with the service, that sometimes can seem like it’s reading your mind. About to check when your flight takes off? Google Now shows you if it’s on time, and what gate you should be at for boarding. Curious to see what traffic is on the drive home? The service is already showing you traffic patterns along your route and an estimated travel time. Google Now serves up this information on little “cards” or widgets in the app.

If you’ve just updated your Google Search app on iOS to version 3.0 or you’re an Android user that’s looking to take full advantage of Google Now, here are some tips on getting the most from the service. As you can see above, it’s all about making good use of your other Google services.

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