WeWork to clean house after CEO steps down; Even more CEOs leave their companies; Facebook listed as top platform for political misinformation

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Following the exit last week of WeWork’s CEO, Adam Neumann, the internet has been abuzz. And now we find another story about it trending on LinkedIn. The Wall Street Journal is reporting, based off of anonymous sources, that the company is set to clean house. Allegedly this will begin with Neumann’s inner circle, including the company’s chief product officer and vice chairman. It is also expected that the company will trim thousands of jobs from their approximately 12,000 employees.

Staying on topic of CEOs from tech companies stepping down, last week we saw 3 CEOs of tech companies leave their position, including the previously mentioned Adam Neumann, and it is trending on LinkedIn. The other two prominent exits were the CEO of Juul, Kevin Burns, leave amongst the turmoil surrounding the company, and the CEO of Ebay, Devin Wenig. Wenig left the ecommerce company because of what he called differences with the board.

And lastly, we have a story trending on Reddit that is relevant in these times as we approach elections in Canada and the US. Much has been said about the use of social media to spread political misinformation to influence elections, and it seems as though Facebook may be the biggest proponent of that. A report from the University of Oxford has revealed that Facebook is the most common platform used to spread political propaganda. The report went on to state that this is likely because the platform is just so massive, that it is difficult for the company to protect itself against such uses.

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