Apple upgrades the MacBook Pro to include Siri, Walmart patents technology for employee surveillance, and tips on improving your Twitter bio (well, sort of).

Trending on Google, the Apple MacBook Pro gets an upgrade. Both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models that come with Apple’s Touch Bar have been updated with new hardware. For the first time ever, Apple’s Siri will be coming to the laptops. That’s thanks to the inclusion of Apple’s T2 subprocessor. This is a chip that soothes paranoid computer users. It takes control of sensitive aspects of your system, like control over your microphone and it encrypts all data stored ot the hard drive. The MacBook Pro is also now packing a new Intel 8th-generation chip, and a True Tone display. As per usual, the price is not for the faint of heart – or the thin of wallet – with the 15-inch model starting at $3,199 in Canada.

Walmart Patents Audio Surveillance Tool to Monitor Employee Conversations from technology

Popular on Reddit, Walmart patents a new technology to monitor employee productivity using audio surveillance. Dubbed “Listening to the frontend,” this sensor system will monitor conversations between employees among other factors. Based on the auido data captured the system would create a performance metrics report on employees at the cash. Walmart says it’s just an idea for now and that it’s always looking for ways to boost employee productivity. But deploying such a system would be ignorant of studies showing pervasive surveillance can reduce employee morale and create an oppositional relationship with management.

Trending on Youtube, fix your Twitter bios from Jacksfilms. In this video that is far more entertaining than it is educational, our host Jack reviews a number of Twitter bios and makes some suggestions. Here’s an example:

If you want some real advice on your Twitter bio, here’s some from me: The most important thing is to explain your views are your own and not that of your employer’s. Otherwise, everyone will assume everything you say represents the legal position of your company.

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