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LinkedIn is launching a live video feature for some users, Amazon buys up a Wi-Fi router maker, and why Reddit users just aren’t worth very much – to advertisers I mean.

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Trending on ProductHunt, LinkedIn is launching a live video tool. LinkedIn Live starts as an invitation-only service in the U.S. as a pilot. The idea is that LinkedIn users and companies could broadcast real-time video to a select group, or all of LinkedIn. We expect to see video from conferences, expert advice, news interviews, and other events. If you like the idea of posting video to LinkedIn, you don’t have to wait. All users can already record and post video updates.

Trending on Google, Amazon has made another acquisition. This time it’s mesh Wi-Fi router maker Eero that’s being gobbled up by the tech behemoth. The San Francisco startup was the first firm to solve the problem of dead spots in your home’s WiFi system by using a series of access points. It’s been copied by other manufacturers since. The move makes sense for Amazon, as its now manufacturing a range of smart home products, and those rely heavily on a consistent Wi-Fi connection.

Reddit users are the least valuable of any social network from technology

Trending on Reddit, Reddit users are the least valuable out of all social networks. (Well that’s meta.) An analysis of the firm’s latest funding round values it at $3 billion US. With 330 million active users, that’s just an average revenue per user of 30 cents. That’s quite a bit lower than the value of users on other social networks. The average Twitter user, for example, is worth about $9.50. The average Facebook user, $7.37. The value of an average Hashtag Trending listener? Priceless.

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