If you want to land a job, then you’ll want to know these two small, yet powerful words that could help. Two students are arrested after crashing the school Wi-Fi. And if Ikea and Sonos had a baby, this is what it’d look like… and sound like.

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Trending on LinkedIn, are you looking for a job? After finishing an interview, make sure to follow up with a thank you email,  advises Business Insider. Why? It’s a signal that you want the job. Hiring managers that don’t hear from you will figure that you really aren’t that interested. It’s also a sign of resourcefulness, especially if the interviewer doesn’t supply an email address, and receives an email reply anyway. So what should you say in a thank you email? My advice: keep it simple. Say thank you. And ask any questions that have crossed your mind since the meeting. Or just say you’re looking forward to hearing back.

2 students accused of jamming school’s Wi-Fi network to avoid tests from technology

Trending on Reddit,  two students in New Jersey who wanted to get out of taking exams took things a step too far. The 14-year-olds used a computer program to successfully crash their high school’s Wi-Fi network, Associated Press reports. Apparently they could do it so reliably, they took requests from other students. Since the school’s curriculum was focused on the Internet, Wi-Fi was required for daily assignments. Unfortunately for these teenagers, disrupting communications in this manner is illegal, and they’ve been charged with computer criminal activity. Their identities have not been released, as they are being charged as minors.

Trending on Google, Swedish furniture giant Ikea and smart speaker firm Sonos had a baby, and it’s a speaker / lamp hybrid. Yes, the firms are collaborating on a line of speakers under a brand called Symfonisk. The table lamp is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a Wi-Fi connected speaker, with a light-bulb on top. According to Ikea, it’s inspired by the fireplace. Because it’s a single place from which both light and sound eminate. The table lamp speaker can be combined in a stereo pair if you buy two of them. They’re also compatible with other Sonos speakers. It retails for $250 in Canada. There’s also a bookshelf speaker, designed to fit in next to your hard cover collection, for $150.

I bet these new speakers would be a great way to listen to Hashtag Trending. How do you listen to our podcast? Listener Dave Reid, from Alberta, tells us that he listens in his car, using Alexa through his Garmin Speak Plus.


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