Google says Microsoft Edge not secure, startups are losing staff, and laptops have killed work-life balance.

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Microsoft recently decided to switch things up and base its Edge browser on open-source Chromium code. But now Google seems to think it is not secure, and it is trending on Google. Reported by WindowsLatest, when users attempt to download Chrome extensions through the Microsoft Edge browser, they are being met by a warning that advises them that Google Chrome is a more secure option. While they have historically acted similarly to other open-source Chromium browsers, many were alarmed by the harshness of its response to Microsoft, while it has played nicer with others.

Job cuts are nothing new to the world of business, but recently, they are starting to even affect startups, and it is trending on LinkedIn. The biggest number here is the staggering 8,000 job cuts at 30 various startups across the world in the last four months. According to the New York Times, this has been caused by investors beginning to pull back from higher cost ventures with physical assets like scooters or office spaces. This has resulted in the fewest startups managing to raise money in this latest quarter since 2016.

Recent years have seen a major boom in flexible work and remote work, and the mobility of new technologies like laptops and smartphones have played a large part in that. But now some are starting to see this affecting their work-life balance, and it is trending on LinkedIn. In 2008, for the very first time in history, companies bought more laptops than they did desktops, and that number is sure to have at the very least maintained, if not continued to skew in one direction. This, in combination with more readily available smart phones, has led to working in off hours at home becoming a much more common practise.

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