Advertisers pulling ads off YouTube due to possible pedophile network; Facebook lets users pause location history; Apple loses number one innovator spot.

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Trending on Google, advertisers are halting ads on YouTube over news of pedophile network on the site. A CNBC article points the problem to users leaving time stamps of scenes that show child nudity and writing inappropriate messages in the comment section. Due to these concerns, major advertisers including Nestle, Disney, and Epic games have stopped all advertising on YouTube and urges the company to take proper action. In a statement, YouTube states that any behavior that inappropriate minors would not be tolerated. It’s also actively informing law enforcement and permanently banning offending accounts.

Also trending on Google, the Facebook app is looking to make managing location privacy little easier. Background Location Control, once toggled, would prevent the Facebook app from saving your location history. This is a good option for users who want to keep Facebook’s geography-based features active but are worried about privacy. Background location control is currently available through the settings panel om the latest Android app. Apple users can already change location saving states, so the feature is unneeded.

Trending on Reddit, According to Fast Company, Apple has lost its innovative touch. In its 2019 Most Innovative Companies report, Fast Company dropped Apple’s position from number one to number 17. This year, the Chinese app maker Meituan Dianping snags the number one spot for facilitating $33.8 billion in transactions. Grab, the Singapore-based Uber competitor ranks number two, and the NBA seats number three for expanding into eSports and boosting its total revenue by 25 per cent.

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