Getty Images, a company that provides photos and video to media outlets around the world, will now have access to many of the internet’s most viral videos too.

A new agreement between Getty and Toronto-based video licensing platform will help the former company acquire, source, validate and clear the most popular social videos found on the web. It also gives Getty customers access to videos from Rumble’s more than 18,000 social video creators who range from amateur video creators to media companies to celebrities.

This makes Rumble the largest source of social video in Getty’s collection of approximately 4 million video assets.

It will also allow video creators to expand their influence, according to Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski, who said it will help them “reach significant audiences across various mediums, from TV to online.”

Videos on Rumble can also be distributed to more than 200 partner sites including Reuters, Yahoo, and NBC.

In a 2014 interview, the startup told IT Business that it’s far too difficult for video creators to make money from their work online through channels like YouTube.

Since then, the company has added various features aiming to monetize video such as premium video ads for its Rumble video player that users can embed on their own sites and social media streams. 

Thus, the new deal with Getty represents a new potential revenue stream for content creators who have too often felt their work is undervalued.


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