Germans more likely to follow BYOD rules than British, French workers

Does culture or clarity play a bigger role in whether workers follow or flout BYOD security policies?

Some new research out of Europe suggests a big factor is how clearlycompanies communicate their bring your own device policies to theirworkers. As reported in our source story from Computerworld UK,anImation survey of 1,000 employees in three countries finds that workersin Germany are more likely than their British and French counterpartsto stick to the BYOD rules set up by their employers when it comes toworking remotely out of the office.  

New research shows Germans aremore likely to follow BYOD policies than British or French workers. (Photo: Shutterstock) 

Fifty per cent of the Germans said they “always” followed their companyrules on BYOD remote access compared with just over a third of workersin the UK. One quarter of French workers said they aren’t even surewhat their company’s BYOD rules are.

Imation researchers scratched their heads and concluded that confusionamong employees – regardless of their country of origin – is probablythe largest contributor to workers not adhering to BYOD rules. It’s notthat they don’t want to tow the line; they’re just not entirely surewhere that line is and what types of activities would constitutecrossing it.

One third of businesses in all three of the countries studies havebanned any sort of BYOD practices in their organizations. Frenchemployees seem the most alarmed by the whole issue, with 71 per cent ofthem expressing concerns about the consumerization of IT trend overall.

The takeaway is that people are worried and confused about BYODoverall, regardless of which of the three nations they work in.

Source | ComputerworldUK

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