Facebook’s Graph Search validates Montreal startup’s offering

Montreal’s Wajam says Facebook’s launch of Graph Search validates its own social search solution – and its offering integrates not just Facebook, but Twitter, Google+ (and soon LinkedIn) as well.

Promising to make search more social, Wajam tweaks your search results by also searching social media sources you integrate to the free service, and gives you search results with weight given to what your friends share.

In a post on the Wajam blog site, its marketing manager Alain Wong addressed the impact of Facebook’s new Graph Search on Wajam.

“Simply put, the launch of Graph Search validates what we are doing here at Wajam, which is to help you search through content that your friends share with you every day,” said Wong.

Wong said Wajam believes in what Facebook is doing – letting people tap into their network of friends for personalized recommendations – and notes Google did something similar last year, with Search Plus Your World.

“Both of these services are great within their own platforms, but Wajam takes the idea one step further by giving you recommendations from your friends on many other websites and also third party applications on your mobile phone,” said Wong. “In effect, we enhance your search experience by bringing these great social platforms to you when you need it.

Wajam gives you social-optimized search results on top of your regular results.

Source | Wajam

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