The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), in partnership with HiveWire, has just launched its new crowdfunding platform – Catalyst. CSI’s Catalyst allows change agents to harness the power of the crowd to fund projects that benefit people and planet. It also allows you to support and bring to life projects you believe in.

Catalyst is the first and only crowdfunding platform based in a real world community of social innovators, with shared services and programs to support the success of project creators.

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Here is CSI Founder, Tonya Surman talking about the emergence of crowdfunding.  I think the most interesting observation she makes is the Internet is essential to the enablement and emergence of crowdfunding.  My advice? The Ontario Securities Commission should take with a grain of salt any opinions it hears about crowdfunding that come from sources that have zero credibility in the era of broadband and mobile computing.

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