With a growing tech market but a shortage of tech talent, some jobs in Canada are going to be harder to fill than others, Indeed.com compiled a list of the hardest to fill tech jobs from 2018, with computer vision engineers appearing the most difficult to find.

Canada’s tech market has seen significant growth, with numerous Canadian-based startups and tech companies, as well as internationally-based tech giants moving into and investing in the Canadian tech landscape. Earlier this year Toronto was named as the top growing market for job growth in 2017, with three other Canadian cities, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa coming in the top 25.

However tech talent is not matching the increasing availability of jobs, as ITBusiness.ca has previously reported, a study from the Information and Communications Technology Council indicated that Canada will need to fill approximately 216,000 tech-related positions by 2021.

The report from Indeed shows which tech jobs have been the hardest to fill so far in 2018, and according to Indeed, “many employers struggle to fill tech-related positions, with some positions remaining open for more than 60 days.”

“As the industry continues to grow and more start-ups enter the Canadian tech landscape, finding talent will continue to be a challenge,” said Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada. “And we know that the longer a role is left open, the bigger the impact to the company’s bottom line. For tech employers, the importance of expanding their talent pool and finding the right balance of incentives to attract top talent is imperative.”

The positions that made the list

Engineering-related tech jobs are proving the hardest to fill, making up six of the top ten positions on the list that have remained open for more than 60 days according to Indeed.

Computer Vision Engineers are the hardest roles to fill, with 56 per cent of the job listings remaining open for more than 60 days. Penetration Tester, Ruby on Rails Developer, Operations Engineering, and Release Engineering coming in the top five hardest jobs to fill.

Some of the positions are in key areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning and security. Penetration tester jobs, which evaluate the security of IT systems are the second toughest to fill and security engineer also makes the top ten, at a time when statistics from International Data Corporation and Scalar Decisions show that Canadian organizations are attacked more than 450 times per year with 46 per cent of those organizations stating they don’t feel confident in their ability to defend against such attacks.

Canada also has a large and growing artificial intelligence industry but are having trouble filling the growing number of jobs, with computer vision and machine learning engineer both making the Indeed list.

List of Top Ten Hardest to Fill Jobs 2018

Source: Indeed.com
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