While the Dropbox cloud-based file sharing service was quickly a hit with users, it was also quickly identified as a security concern by their IT managers. A new partnership may help assuage their fears.

Dropbox has partnered with Centrify, a developer of unified identify services, and on Tuesday the two companies announced the availability of Centrify for Dropbox for Business. The cloud service enables Active Directory-based single sign-on, access control and mobile management for Dropbox, helping eliminate password sprawl for users with support across desktop and mobile devices, and gives IT managers centralized management and improved security.

“We’re excited to partner with Centrify to offer single sign-on and integration to Dropbox for business customers of all sizes across the world,” said Ari Friedland, head of business development for Dropbox for Business, in a statement.  “We’re leveraging the SSO industry standard, SAML, and working with Centrify to let our customers leverage their Active Directory identities for seamless access to Dropbox, with one less password to remember and maintain.”

The solution allows organizations can leverage their existing Active Directory infrastructure to secure their Dropbox deployment, and users can enroll their devices via the Centrify Cloud Service using their existing Active Directory credentials without requiring further IT intervention.

“Working with such a popular service such as Dropbox demonstrates the power and traction of Centrify’s Active Directory-based SaaS security and single sign-on for accessing and authenticating to today’s leading business SaaS applications,” said Shreyas Sadalgi, Centrify’s head of business development, in a statement.  “Centrify is pleased to formalize its working relationship as a preferred SSO and identity management partner for Dropbox to provide a free and frictionless solution that ensures customers can plug Dropbox into businesses without the hassle of additional passwords.”

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