It’s rare to find a PC user in the business world that hasn’t suffered the pain of weird document formats.

Either because your work computer won’t give you admin rights to install the software you need to view a certain file type, or because you haven’t updated to the new version of Office yet, or maybe just because the document that you’re handling is so foreign, it must have originated from outside the solar system – coming across incompatible files is still common place. There are a long list of Web services that have cropped up to deal with this problem, but the newly relaunched Cometdocs is worth considering for business users.

It has a new drag and drop user interface that also offers cloud storage and file sharing in addition to its traditional business of document conversion. It’s sort of like having a Dropbox with file conversion as a bonus.

Cometdocs relaunched its document conversion service last month.

Cometdocs offers both free services you can use anonymously or premium services you can use with an account.

Source | Cometdocs 

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