AT&T security chief advises on protecting mobile workforce

Data breaches, anonymous mob-like hacker attacks, trojans stealing money from your bank account – the number of security threats due to business being conducted in the online world can be scary.

It used to be that businesses needed only to protect a few desktop computers connected to the Internet. But now there are persistently connected laptops, tablets, and smartphones to be worried about too. With Ontario’s privacy commissioner warning about the unforeseen dangers of Wi-Fi location tracking, there is legitimate cause for concern. So when was offered the chance to pose a question ot AT&T Inc.’s chief security officer Ed Amoroso, we asked him what should be done about mobile security. Here’s what we asked him, and his video response:

Brian Jackson: The mobile workforce is a reality these days, and becoming the normal operating status for many SMBs. How can an organization ensure security across myriad device form factors and platforms that are spread out across a vast geography?

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