Allworx understands that smartphones have become the device business users turn to when managing their communications and contacts, but they’ve gone ahead and created a new desk phone anyway.

This morning Allworx introduced its new Verge class of mobile-first IP phones for business, as well as new System Software for Allworx Reach 3.0 and Allworx Interact Professional version 3.0 in order to support mobility integration features with the Verge.

The two Verge desk phones – the Verge 9312, and 9308 – dials into the fact that business users want smartphone features on their desk phone by providing mobile integration directly into the phone itself. The idea is to have the desk phone experience replicated exactly onto a mobile device. Whether you choose to use your desk phone or your smartphone to make a call, the experience is the same.

To back up the move of creating a new desk phone in 2017 – Allworx put in the legwork and ran a survey to see if they were on the right track. Slightly over half of business users responded saying that they regularly use their desk phones to make calls at their work desk compared to the one in three who use their smartphones to do the same.

If that wasn’t enough to convince the company, the fact that 49 per cent said they are not willing to give up their desk phone completely did. For reasons like business phone features and audio/voice quality, not all business users are willing to give up on their desk phone just yet. And for those who are, the Verge’s mobile integration should satisfy.

The full details of the new Verge family is as follows:

  • Verge 9312 – 12 self-labeling programmable function buttons, Gigabit Ethernet, 4.3″ color screen, Bluetooth wireless support, and Verge 9318Ex Expander support
  • Verge 9308 – 8 self-labeling programmable function buttons, Gigabit Ethernet, and a 3.5″ color screen
  • Verge 9318Ex – Expander with 18 self-labeling programmable function buttons and a 4.3″ color screen; up to three can be added to a Verge 9312 IP phone

The Verge phones will be sold through Allworx’ Canadian distributor, Williams Telecommunications. The Verge 9312 will have an MSRP of $499 and the Verge 9308 will have an MSRP of $416. These prices are subject to change depending on how the USD-CAD exchange rate fluctuates throughout the year.

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