Accenture renewed its joint business group agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Nov. 29 to help businesses move into the cloud.

The Accenture AWS Joint Business Group (AABG) has been ongoing since 2015. The renewed investment with AWS will add more resources for Accenture Cloud First, a service group that provides full-stack cloud services to help businesses expedite their cloud-first digital transformation plan.

A global survey report released by Accenture in September 2021 that included over 4,000 c-suite executives, 200 of which are Canadian, revealed that leaders believe that viewing the cloud as a one-time datacentre migration is a limiting factor in realizing full business value. The report noted that while cloud adoption is high in Canada, many organizations are taking a siloed approach to cloud adoption, using a mix of public, private edge clouds with little integration between them.

“This siloed approach limits organizations from reaping the greatest value from the cloud,” said Jennifer Jackson, technology and cloud-first lead for Canada at Accenture. “However, our research found, a small percentage of Canadian organizations are viewing the cloud differently – as a continuum of technologies with diverse locations and types of ownership. They are using cloud as a launch pad for innovation and to develop new operating models, resulting in far greater value than just cost savings and operational efficiency.”

Accenture calls this small group of businesses “cloud competitors.” Through AABG, the organizations will have access to 175 assets and 20,000 cloud specialists to move their entire operation onto the cloud and explore new opportunities. AABG also offers 40 solutions for 16 industries with proven use-case relevance.

Over the next five years, Accenture plans to develop several new accelerators to solve the biggest cloud migration challenges. It hopes to accomplish this by increasing AWS service adoption speed by up to 50 per cent.

Accenture has also found that while more than two-thirds of Canadian organizations plan to move their workloads to the cloud in the next three to five years, only half are effectively using the cloud to improve their day-to-day business operations.

AABG wants to capitalize on businesses’ urgency to digitally transform.

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