Google Inc. had a few tips for Canadian advertisers at the most recent conference held by its display ad placement division, DoubleClick.

On Oct. 27, the search giant’s northern arm invited leaders from top brands, agencies, and publishers to the Canadian DoubleClick Leadership Summit, where they discussed the latest innovations that will shape the marketing industry’s future – which Google was kind enough to summarize in a handy infographic.

“Today, our consumers are more mobile than ever before, and engaging with video content every day,” company staff wrote in a statement. “With only a split second to capture their attention, creating a seamless user experience has never been more important.”

Consumers are also watching video across a wider variety of platforms than before, the company found, and are more open to personalized ads than many practitioners seem to think.

Mixing data-driven placement with a creatively presented message appears to be the most effective way to engage audiences, Google concluded.

Check out the infographic below (click for a larger version).


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