It’s time for our weekly recommendation of people worth following on Twitter, where we bring you the people we’ve been interviewing, reading, or creeping for the past week.

We partnered with Bitcoin Decentral, Canada’s new hub for all things cryptocurrency, for our #BitcoinITB chat on Thursday and it was a great hour of learning as much as 140 character messages can provide.


There’s tons of new activities coming up at this Toronto-based location, so you’re bound to get your digital dollar’s worth for following them. With Traviss Corry at the helm of a financial technology accelerator that’s onboarding new startups, the Bitcoin Expo 2014 being hosted there April 11-13, and the development of an entirely new cryptocurrency that is a type of programmable money, this is bound to be one busy account.

Michael Cayley is a Community Blogger at and a must-follow if you’re interested in Toronto’s technology startup community. He is the founder of Cdling, a service that seeks to build trust between startup communities, and the organizer of the Startup Grind Toronto chapter (this guy brought Robert Scoble to Toronto). Watch his Twitter feed for a good mix of retweets from startup scene influencers and a daily digest loaded with good articles.

We were pleased to have Sunny Ray join us for our #BitcoinITB Twitter chat. His service, Buttercoin, is looking to break down the barriers when purchasing your first bitcoin, which can be a more complicated experience than you’d expect. Ray is enthusiastically taking part in the Bitcoin scene, both on the Twitterverse and in the real world.

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