The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show is here, and we’re on the ground in Las Vegas to check out all the latest innovations in tech. Whether it’s artificial intelligence and smart assistants, Google versus Amazon, smart cities, new devices, self-driving cars, or virtual and augmented reality, we’ve got all the news that’s important for your business.

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Who won the battle between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant at CES 2018?

8 hours ago
BlackBerry QNX RangeRover

BlackBerry’s chief security officer on how to secure emerging auto tech

1 day ago

Catherine Boivie at CES 2018: Google and some… unusual items

2 days ago

Sports Tech seeks to define its market at CES 2018

3 days ago

Top 10 wackiest gadgets from CES 2018

3 days ago

The top 10 automotive news stories from CES 2018

3 days ago

Catherine Boivie at CES 2018: a few things for your car and home

5 days ago

New Jabra headphones designed for music and voice-first devices like Alexa

6 days ago

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Top 5 highlights from IBM’s CES 2018 keynote

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is known for delivering a flashy, future-looking speech at CES every year, and with a prime time slot at CES 2018, this year's address was no exception. Intel put on a show that was visually and acoustically impressive, with several big announcements. From a brand new...

What is IBM’s quantum computer?

First look at Sony’s 2018 mid-tier smartphones – All Hands on Tech at CES 2018

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