The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show is here, and we’re on the ground in Las Vegas to check out all the latest innovations in tech. Whether it’s artificial intelligence and smart assistants, Google versus Amazon, smart cities, new devices, self-driving cars, or virtual and augmented reality, we’ve got all the news that’s important for your business.

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hashtag trending

Hashtag Trending: China iPhone sales flop; Apple loses $446 billion; ready for CES

3 years ago

Wallet Card creator on disrupting the payment sector without changing its infrastructure

4 years ago

Catherine Boivie: CES 2018 wants to help you sleep

4 years ago

Watching CES 2018

4 years ago

Why does soccer hate video replay? – Tech in Sports Ep. 28

4 years ago

Catherine Boivie at CES 2018: A look at products for seniors

4 years ago

Intel mixes drones with AI to transform Ferrari’s racing experience

4 years ago

Who won the battle between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant at CES 2018?

4 years ago

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We have bad news for you Canada, South Korea is much more advanced than we are in the smart home space. But don't fret! Commax is working towards adapting its tech for Canada with the help of SmartOne Solutions. This time on All Hands on Tech, we take a look...

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