SoMedia Networks wants to help you crowdsource your video production.

The Vancouver-based vendor is seeking to bring crowdsourcing to video production with ScalableVideo, a platform the company has spent five years and $12 million developing in hopes of disrupting the video North American production industry.

With ScalableVideo, the vendor claims to have created a standardized, cost-effective, and reliable crowdsourced workforce management platform for video production.

With the platform, customers can access on-demand scalable video production services and solutions to digital agencies from a network of 3,400 video professionals across North America. Video production projects can be organized by tasks, and a specialized crowdsourced workforce call on to executive the tasks on a video by video basis. On the fly production teams can be based anywhere, and local videographers tapped for projects.


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  • If you are interested in video crowdsourcing you should also check the Uk company Userfarm they have around 46,000 videomakers from all over the world and virality is assured throughout the projects. I got really interested in their Game of Thrones and Nespresso projects for Spain. Awesome company