Google brings Android to its new Chromebook, the Pixelbook – Unboxing for Business

    Google is back in the Chromebook realm with the Pixelbook, and it’s bringing Android apps along for the ride.

    This time on Unboxing for Business we take a look at Google’s new Chromebook that blends Android with the current Chrome OS. That’s right, the Pixelbook has access to the entirety of the Google Play Store, and Google is hoping that the addition of Android apps will make the Pixelbook the premium, must-have Chromebook in the market.

    And like every other Google device, the Pixelbook is heavily embedded with Google Assistant. It can be accessed either through talk or text similar to how Cortana operates on Windows 10, and with the new Pixel Pen, you can do things like circle an artist’s name or picture and then Google Assistant will pull up that artist’s music.

    The Pixelbook will be available in three configurations starting at $1,299 and launches on Halloween, October 31st. Unfortunately, the Pixelbook will not be coming to Quebec just yet, with a Quebec-release to be announced. The Pixel Pen will be an additional $129.

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