LG V30 Review – All Hands on Tech

    LG’s V Series is back with the V30, and with a new OLED screen and one of the best audio experiences out there, it has never looked better.

    This time on All Hands on Tech we review LG’s latest premium device, the V30. Between the LG G6 and now the V30, it’s nice to see that LG has been taking the design of its 2017 smartphones seriously. Like almost every other premium smartphone released this year, the V30 has said goodbye to its bezels and been redesigned with a glass back that makes it one of the slickest LG phones ever created.

    Samsung still leads the OLED market with its AMOLED displays, but LG has certainly stepped its game up. The 6-inch P-OLED, 2880 by 1440 display has same 18:9, or 2 to 1, aspect ratio that was in the G6, and it’s certainly a stunner. By and large, the visual package presented by LG on the V30 is one of the best around.

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