Gestures can control Samsung’s Ativ One desktop

    We’ve got keyboards and mice, we’ve got touchscreens, and now we have another way to control our computers: our gestures.

    Samsung Electronics Canada‘s new  Ativ One actually comes with all three. The vendor previewed its new all-in one-PC — expected to hit the Canadian market later this year — at a recent new product showcase in Toronto. It runs Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS and is powered by an AMD chipset, with an HDMI cable to connect a Bluray or other device and a built-in TV tuner if you haven’t cut the cable yet.

    And to help control it all, the Ativ One also features gesture control, something a number of vendors are adding to their new all-in-one devices this year. Using the computer’s web cam, it can track your hand movements, allowing you to control the mouse, open files and scroll pages.

    In this video report, Jeff Ingram, national training and development manager for Samsung Electronics Canada, gives us a closer look at the Samsung Ativ One. Pricing and release date information is not yet available.