Recap of #connectivitysolutions Twitter chat: Unified Communications — Sponsored by Rogers

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Updated 3:06 pm E.S.T, May 22, 2015. We were thrilled at the opportunity to host an enriching dialogue with communications experts from Rogers on Unified Communications yesterday. A special thanks to our guest experts who contributed to the chat. Has your IT department considered how a Unified Communications solution could improve your business processes?  If not, you might want to scroll down and read on why you should! Tune in to our next Twitter chat on #connectivitysolutions Aug. 20, 12-1 pm E.S.T.!

Have you ever stopped to think how critical of a role communication has in your business? What if you were to discover that you could increase your ROI, streamline business processes, reduce costs, drive productivity, and have an impact on employee engagement and retention just based on your organization’s communication infrastructure? Unified Communications is that solution but there is no cookie cutter approach. Join us to discuss how Unified Communications could improve your business and what aspects are most important in a solutions package. This chat will be hosted by our @ITBusinessca account.

The chat will be held May. 21, 12-1 PM EST, at the hashtag #connectivitysolutions. If this is your first time taking part in a Twitter chat, check out this video on how to join a twitter chat. The questions are listed below so you can start thinking about what you might want to tweet about.

We’ll be joined by the following guest experts:

Rani Pendse
Rani Pendse
Rani Pendse
Product Manager, Office 365. Rani supports the delivery of Microsoft solutions to small, medium and large businesses.
Steven Hong
Unified Communications, Enterprise Wireless Solution
Obaid Shah
Product Manager, Unified Communications, Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Q1 What types of communications tools are most important for your organization? #connectivitysolutions

Q2 What are your key business drivers for considering UC? #connectivitysolutions

Q3 Has your company invested in UC? If not, what concerns are holding it back from making the move? #connectivitysolutions

Q4 What types of jobs would most benefit from switching to a UC solution? Why? #connectivitysolutions

Q5 Which features are most important when considering a platform for UC solutions? #connectivitysolutions

Q6 What level of self-administration do you feel is necessary in a UC environment? What features do you want users to self-administer?

Q7 What types of security concerns should IT be aware of before considering any UC platform? #connectivitysolutions

Q8 How can we ensure minimal disruption to customers as they transition to UC? #connectivitysolutions

Q9 How about user privacy concerns? How do employees retain their personal privacy in the face of presence technology? #connectivitysolutions

Q10 While UC is great for staying connected, how do you encourage your team to disconnect at the end of the day? #connectivitysolutions