The Enterprise Connectivity Series

rogers-blog-imageFuture-proofing your business

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Written by leading Canadian technology bloggers, this series provides insights and tips to help you future-proof your business and maximize the benefits of connectivity throughout your enterprise.

Flexible Business

Why managed Wi-Fi makes sense for business

Reducing the cost and complexity of network security

How upgrading your network can deliver a competitive advantage

Keeping it simple: Tackling infrastructure complexity

Three ways businesses can shed the burden of managing mobile devices and data

The top three network security challenges for 2016

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Create IT efficiencies with managed network solutions

How can IT departments take advantage of the latest in wireless networking technology and reduce cost and complexity at the same time?

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Security in the cloud — A whole new toolbox

Join Jim Love, CIO & Chief Content Officer, ITWC and guest expert Dave Gendron (strategic alliances director at Ceryx Inc.) for a timely and informative webinar that will explore the challenges and potential solutions in moving to a cloud-based security architecture.

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Collaboration and Innovation: Driving Business Success

Recent studies have concluded that investment in collaboration pays dividends: Companies that implement technologies, which drive workforce collaboration and support flexible work schemes, can reap the benefits of greater innovation.

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Unified Communications

Twitter chat

Unified Communications

This Twitter chat on Unified Communications and the drive for collaboration took place on December 10, 2015.

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Understanding the Drivers of Unified Communications 3.0

Join Jim Love, CIO, ITWC and his special guest Steven Van Binsbergen, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, Rogers as they explore why companies are re-thinking Unified Communications strategies and implementation, driving productivity, cost reduction, employee engagement and retention.

Part I – May 15, 2015

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Part II – May 22, 2015

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3 ways the connected workspace can make your business better

Why ‘anywhere connectivity’ is key to stronger business collaboration

Managing UC in a BYOD world

Using UC to find the fast lane

Why Unified Communications Matters

The Top Ten Reasons UC Implementations Fail

Improving business practices with unified communications

Unified Communications: Powering the workplace of the future, today

Cutting the cord in a wireless world: Why looking at a managed services provider makes strategic sense

Three things to consider for a successful UC implementation

Four reasons Skype for Business has a place in your enterprise

What to look for when Microsoft Office 2016 is released with Windows 10

From your desktop to your tablet to your phone, you can take Office everywhere

Don’t overlook Skype in your Office 365 business suite

How the cloud can transform your contact centre

Four reasons why SharePoint beats Dropbox and for business collaboration

The power of presence to your unified communications platform

Treating communications as data opens a world of collaborative possibilities

What is Unified Communications?

SIP 101: The Lily Tomlin of modern unified communications

Internet of Things (IoT)


How does your Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy Stack Up?

Join Jim Love, CIO of IT World Canada and Eric Simmons, General Manager, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Rogers , for an interactive webinar as they look at the development and execution of an IoT strategy in the Canadian context.

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The Internet of Things and the customer experience

The ROI of IoT: How to make the Internet of things benefit your bottom line

Starting small for big success with the Internet of Things

What you need to know about the Internet of Things

Internet of Things: It’s not just for IT managers

Securing the Internet of Things

Preparing your business for the Internet of Things revolution

Is your network ready for the Internet of Things?

The time is now to start your Internet of Things journey

CanadianCIO Census



What are some of the key priorities confronting your peers?

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CanadianCIO Census: The Collaboration Imperative

Discover the challenges being faced by your peers across a variety of issues and how they are dealing with them; from outsourcing and staffing to mobility through to executive influence.


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Business Continuity


On Demand Webinar

What if your Disaster Recovery Plan were put to the test?

Join IT World CIO Jim Love for an informative webinar covering Business Resumption and Disaster Recovery. We will cover the basics of Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) from the perspective of both large and small companies.

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Prepare for disaster recovery now and mitigate the risks

The cost of NOT having a business continuity strategy

Hot, cold and warm backup sites: Which is just right?

Resources to tap for disaster recovery best practices

Planning communications for emergencies

Simulate the worst to be ready for the worst

Disaster recovery vs. business continuity: They’re not the same thing

Overcoming four common business continuity challenges

Four tips for selling business continuity to the C-suite

Getting started with business continuity: finding your data crown jewels



On Demand Webinar

Cloud from both sides now

Whether you are a cloud skeptic, an early adopter, or somewhere in between, this webinar is for you. Participants will learn how businesses today are leveraging the cloud and essential elements of a cloud strategy.

Part I – Cloud Goes Mainstream

Part II – Managing Cloud Strategically

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How can I be sure no-one will snoop into my cloud-based data?

Moving your phone system to the cloud

Look before you jump into the cloud

Ask the right questions when picking your host in the cloud

5 must-have business apps that harness the cloud

Business continuity and the cloud

Turning to the cloud when disaster strikes

Four big ideas for building a cloud strategy

What cloud is in your forecast?

The cloud: Where to go first

Bring Your Own Device


On Demand Webinar

Are you ready for Bring Your Own EVERYTHING?

How will you prepare for BYOE? What are its benefits? What are the impacts on security? What will happen to organizational policies and structures? Are there actual use cases of BYOE in companies today? Join Jim Love, CIO, ITWC and his special guests for an in-depth and interactive discussion on answering these questions and learn more about BYOE.

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Three tips for managing roaming in a BYOD environment

BYOD & mobile device management: Protecting your stuff and ours

Support in a BYOD world

What my users need to know about BYOD

Whose data is it anyways?

One device, two worlds of data

The case for BYOD

BYOD is here. Have a strategy


The benefits of single sourcing connectivity

Four things your business can do with LTE

Where your phone can’t go with you

Four worry-free roaming tips for your road warriors


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