Software piracy snitch line leads to $106k payment by Ontario company

Beware – the software copyright police are watching. The Business Software Alliance (BSA), a software industry led and funded organization dedicated to raising awareness of software piracy issues – and forcing compliance –

Published on: March 20th, 2013 Jeff Jedras

Canada not a pirate haven after all, software group says

The Business Software Alliance, anti-software piracy group has long characterized Canada as a haven for software pirates but a recent survey from the group indicates that the country actually ranks among the lowest

Published on: September 22nd, 2011 Nestor Arellano

15 stupid small biz tech mistakes and how to avoid them

If you're not particularly tech-savvy, then purchasing, maintaining, and securing technology for your business can be a confusing situation to navigate. You may already know plenty about what you should do, but what

Published on: February 15th, 2011 Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

Student who illegally shared music files must now pay $67,500

Even after cutting a damages award in a music file-sharing case to one-tenth the original sum, a judge said Friday the new fine was still excessive. The federal judge in Massachusetts on Friday

Published on: July 13th, 2010 Nancy Gorhing

Tech piracy can fuel innovation, says former pirate radio DJ

Frowned upon by the establishment, reviled by large music companies and hunted down by the police, today's tech pirates, in a way, have much in common with their seafaring counterparts of old. However,

Published on: May 26th, 2010 Nestor Arellano

Busting software piracy – how offending firms are pursued and punished

You might not realize it, but two out of every 10 of your co-workers might be using pirated software, according to industry statistics. You might be, too, for that matter, particularly if you

Published on: September 15th, 2009 Julia King

Court fines man $210,563 for selling pirated software online

A U.S. judge has ordered a Delaware man who sold copies of software packages on an Internet auction site to pay $210,563 in damages and court costs, the Business Software Alliance (BSA) announced

Published on: August 19th, 2009 Grant Gross and Joaquim P. Menezes