Facebook makes $2 billion in 2010, glitch reveals new features

Not long after being criticized for not knowing how to make money, Facebook is looking to reel in more than $2 billion in sales in 2010.Financial news site Bloomberg reported Thursday that the

Published on: December 20th, 2010 Sharon Gaudin

Not yet too late for Ontario, BC SMBs to become HST compliant

  Despite a long government campaign to get taxpayers onboard with the HST which came into effect this July 1st, a majority of small businesses in Ontario and British Columbia are opposed to

Published on: July 14th, 2010 Nestor Arellano

LinkedIn on a roll, considering Canadian presence

While Twitter gets ready to embark on an experiment that will finally monetize its 140-character messages and Facebook feels international pressure for its privacy gaffes, LinkedIn is quietly cashing cheques relatively free of

Published on: May 17th, 2010 Brian Jackson

It’s time to turn on the money spigot, says Twitter exec

Industry analysts are quick to say that Twitter Inc. is going through a big change these days, moving from an interesting idea on to what could become a sustainable business. Jason Goldman ,

Published on: May 7th, 2010 Sharon Gaudin

Wikipedia founder hails Google’s China stand, urges Microsoft to follow suit

A co-founder of popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia praised Google for its decision to stop censoring Internet searches in China and called on other major U.S. companies, including Microsoft and Facebook, to follow."Personal hooray,

Published on: March 24th, 2010 Dan Nystedt

6 smart tax deductions to save small firms big bucks

Broadband connection, cell phone contracts and software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscriptions are just some of the items Canadian home-based business operators can claim deductions on when they file their income taxes.There are dozens of write

Published on: March 22nd, 2010 Nestor Arellano

Days of blogging for big bucks might be over

Dan Lyons, a journalist better known to geekdom as the Fake Steve Jobs, has declared the blogging industry kaput. It has expired. It is deceased, it is pushing up daisies, it has joined

Published on: February 13th, 2009 Robert X. Cringely

Adobe says it will cut 600 jobs, lowers revenue guidance

The job cuts will be made worldwide and account for about 8 percent of Adobe's total workforce, which stood at 7,623 at the end of September.The economic slowdown led to slower-than-expected sales of

Published on: December 4th, 2008 Agam Shah