IT managers avoiding unlicensed software for security reasons, BSA says

Among business owners, one of the biggest concerns of using unlicensed software is the chance of installing malware through an unpatched, unsafe version of the software, according to a new survey from the

Published on: July 2nd, 2014 Candice So

IT security managers: stressed out but well-paid

IT managers are losing sleep over the threat of data loss and not a few think protecting their company’s network is more stressful than handling a divorce, according to a recent survey commissioned

Published on: November 29th, 2011 Nestor Arellano

7 IT superheroes and their weaknesses

IT superheroes can't fly -- at least, not without an airplane. Theydon't possess X-ray vision or super strength. They won't be foundwearing capes or spandex (at work). But the geeks who save the

Published on: September 13th, 2011 Dan Tynan

Happy SysAdmin Day

It's the last Friday in July. Have you hugged your system administrators today? Bought a cake? Picked up the tab for lunch?There's still time to show your thanks for the unsung heroes who

Published on: July 29th, 2011 Ann Bednarz

The best IT security managers admit their mistakes

Ever spend time working on policies, solutions and messages only to be ignored or cast aside? Worse, after spending the time to build a solution, are people simply not responding? Last month I

Published on: September 28th, 2010 Michael Santarcangelo

More companies roping in IT to spy on workers

It's 9:00 in the morning, or 3:00 in the afternoon, or even 10:00 at night. Do you know what your users are up to?More than ever, IT managers can answer "Oh, yes" to

Published on: June 17th, 2010 Tam Harbert

IT pros reveal why they’re skipping Vista and sticking with Windows XP

Despite warnings to businesses about the dangers of skipping Windows Vista, many IT managers and CIOs are standing firm that the risks of migrating to Vista outweigh the benefits. The recent press coverage regardingperformance efficiencies seen

Published on: November 17th, 2008 Jeff Radecki

When ‘IT’ stands for Incredible Terror – 20 mistakes you need to avoid

Back in 2004, InfoWorld's then-CTO Chad Dickerson polled the best and brightest to reveal 20 IT mistakes that were surefire recipes for cost overruns, missed deadlines, and in some cases, lost jobs. A

Published on: October 10th, 2008 Neil McAllister

Top seven strategies for IT managers to survive and thrive

Pity the poor IT managers.They're expected to know what their end-users want need, even if their end-users can't articulate it themselves. They're under constant pressure to develop new skills (like AJAX) while maintaining

Published on: July 24th, 2008 Dan Tynan

5 Ways to Make Your Company Gen-Y Friendly

Also known as Millennials, this group consists of nearly 80 million individuals born roughly between 1979 and 1999. They are the workforce of the future. But what will it take to attract and

Published on: June 29th, 2008 Katherine Spencer Lee

Free Google hosted applications sidestep IT department, raise security concerns

Google is releasing a new edition of its hosted applications suite that end-users can bring into the workplace without the involvement of their IT department.It means that IT managers who fret about employees

Published on: February 7th, 2008 Juan Carlos Perez