No name tech tools all the rage as recession shrinks IT budgets

San Antonio-based CPS Energy, the largest municipality-owned gas and electric company in the country, needed to get a better grip on its budget and its budgeting process. As CPS Energy was an SAP

Published on: August 24th, 2009 Julia King

Six steps to prepare IT for the revival

Anne Agee is living a dual life at work these days. On the one hand, like 75 per cent of Canadian and U.S. organizations, she's preparing for a cut to her IT budget

Published on: May 27th, 2009 Michael Fitzgerald

Five tips for cutting costs and improving vendor negotiations

These are tough times for IT. There are less people and resources to get things done, budgets are shrinking and everyone still expects the same levels of service and functionality. Something has to

Published on: February 23rd, 2009 Martin Ewing

How to conquer workplace worries before they cripple you

The year ahead isn't shaping up to be a good one for IT, to say the least. Here in North America, budgets are increasingly going to reflect the worsening business conditions. That means

Published on: February 5th, 2009 Bruce Stewart

Sustained IT spending gives Canadian banks an edge in tough times

While economic challenges are moving banks south of the border to slash IT budgets, Canadian backs appear more resilient and will continue to invest more on new tech projects in 2009, a new

Published on: January 21st, 2009 Brian Jackson

How to keep your IT staff effective in these tough times

It's official! Late last week, the economists at the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research convened to examine financial trends over the last 12 months. Their conclusion? The decline in economic activity since

Published on: December 10th, 2008 Neil McAllister

Seven strategies to survive these tough times with your job intact

Working in today's cutthroat economy has become a lot like the old joke about two guys being chased by a grizzly bear. One guy stops to take off his work shoes and lace

Published on: December 2nd, 2008 Dan Tynan

Rein in out-of-control IT costs to save money, says Big Blue

The global economic downturn has companies looking to cut costs in a hurry and addressing out-of-control IT environments may be one place to find those savings, according to an IBM spokesperson.IBM executives say

Published on: November 14th, 2008 Brian Jackson

Rework vendor contracts to save money in tough times

Saving money is of paramount importance for CIOs in today's economy, and renegotiating contracts with IT vendors may be one of the best ways to chop expenses. Convincing vendors to lower prices when

Published on: November 7th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

75 per cent of Canadian and US firms ready for IT budget cuts

Three quarters of Canadian and U.S. companies are ready to make cuts to their IT spending, according to a Canadian analyst firm.Firms that remain optimistic about maintaining budgets intact may need to wake

Published on: October 29th, 2008 Brian Jackson

Six smart ways to reduce IT growing pain

It's one of the great truths of capitalism: Businesses want to grow. Small businesses want to become midsize businesses, and midsize ones want to get big.But getting bigger involves growing pains, and nowhere

Published on: August 26th, 2008 Jake Widman

A million reasons why Canadian firms should be worried about security

Canadian companies and government organizations collectively lose $1.25 million annually, on average, to IT security breaches, and nearly a quarter of firms here are dissatisfied with their own security policies, a recent survey

Published on: August 11th, 2008 Nestor Arellano

Six ways to ensure your IT budget doesn’t bomb

Given the murky economic outlook, budgetary efficiency is an increasingly important part of every IT leader's job. In fact, according to "The State of Enterprise IT Budgets: 2008," a March report from Gartner

Published on: July 22nd, 2008 Mary K. Pratt

Cost cutting trend may hit IT industry “like a thunderbolt”

The cost-cutting phase of this economic downturn is coming, and when it does it may arrive like a thunderbolt, with force and immediacy, Gartner Inc. analysts warned at a conference in Las Vegas.

Published on: April 9th, 2008 Patrick Thibodeau