Video Rewind: Toronto Votes iPhone app educates voters

Cities and towns across Ontario are waking up to newly elected city councillors and mayors today. Campaign season has finally come to a close and the votes have been counted.In Toronto, more votes

Published on: October 26th, 2010 ITBusiness Staff

Take A Note – a serviceable…and stunning iPhone app

Not too long ago, I had lunch with a graphic designer acquaintance and fellow Mac cultist who bemoaned the mediocrity of so many iPhone apps. “They don't look like they're Apple quality,” he

Published on: January 6th, 2009 Ben Boychuck

University arms students with free iPhones

A class of chatty college freshman sits in a large lecture hall at a small-town-Texas university, debating the merits of presidential candidate Barack Obama's proposed healthcare reforms. The conversation becomes heated at times,

Published on: October 8th, 2008 Al Sacco