Startups taking on mobile apps in healthcare

An app for patients sticking to their pill schedules, an app for accessing electronic medical records, and a dashboard for doctors looking to collect clinical data – those are just some of the

Published on: January 20th, 2014 Candice So

Building a new health tech innovation ecosphere collaboratively in York Region

A very different kind of four hour kickoff event took place on January 15th in Newmarket, Ontario, hosted by the Southlake Regional Health Centre community hospital. The “Healthcare Ecosphere” event could be a

Published on: February 13th, 2013 Jonathon Shore

IT systems in hospitals don’t save money, boost efficiency, study finds

A Harvard Medical School study that looked at some of the nation's "most wired" hospital facilities found that computerization of those facilities hasn't saved them any money or improved administrative efficiency.The recently released

Published on: December 1st, 2009 Lucas Mearian

Canadian company pushing pill dispensing kiosk

A Canadian firm says it can help the healthcare industry cut down prescription errors and improve patient-pharmacist contact by installing automated pill dispensing kiosks at doctors' offices, clinics, drugs stores and hospitals.PharmaTrust, a

Published on: May 7th, 2008 Nestor Arellano

Business intelligence cures complexity, cost overruns in Canadian hospitals

When a recent outbreak of C. difficile – a common intestinal bacteria caused by the use of antibiotics – cropped up at Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital in Burlington, Ont. they had a new

Published on: March 25th, 2008 Brian Jackson

RFID in Canadian hospitals “doesn’t mean” Big Brother’s watching

The fear of Big Brother using RFID to track hospital patients is largely unfounded.That's the conclusion of a white paper aimed at reassuring folk about privacy implications of the technology in the health-care

Published on: February 4th, 2008 Vawn Himmelsbach