11 most annoying Web applications

They install themselves, marking their territory with icons. They flash distracting, trivial alerts on the screen in front of you. They demand that you install the latest update, and they won't take no

Published on: September 6th, 2010 Mark Sullivan

Student who illegally shared music files must now pay $67,500

Even after cutting a damages award in a music file-sharing case to one-tenth the original sum, a judge said Friday the new fine was still excessive. The federal judge in Massachusetts on Friday

Published on: July 13th, 2010 Nancy Gorhing

Canada’s first online movie streaming service unveiled

It's billed at Canada's first "legit" online film and TV shows streaming service, and the firm offering it – Ottawa-based Zip.ca – is relying on certain factors to make it a resounding success.These

Published on: July 7th, 2009 Nestor Arellano

Stop DRM from becoming a “privacy nightmare”

Canadian iTunes users were delighted when Apple announced, last month, that it had cut deals with three of the largest music labels – Warner Music, Sony BMG and Universal Music Group – to

Published on: February 17th, 2009 Jennifer Kavur

Copyright bill strikes discordant note with Canadian musicians, consumer groups

Canadian artists as well as other consumers will be singing the blues, while big businesses reap mega profits if Bill C-61 – the proposed amendment to the Copyright Act – is passed into

Published on: June 17th, 2008 Nestor Arellano

Canadian groups oppose government move towards “US-style” digital copyright laws

A broad alliance of Canadian consumer advocacy groups is deeply concerned the Feds may be poised to introduce legislation that mirrors U.S. digital copyright laws, which severely limit consumer rights.Coalition members include the

Published on: June 9th, 2008 Nestor Arellano

Nine Inch Nails drives home solid lesson in Internet marketing with fast-selling Ghosts album

Giving away your product for free and charging $300 for it at the same time might not sound like a great business plan, but it is one strategy that is seeing a lot

Published on: March 6th, 2008 Brian Jackson

Don’t fear freedom

Cory Doctorow isn't scary - just scary-smart. He dropped out of university in 1992 to program CD-ROMs and design Web sites, founded an open source peer-to-peer software company that sold for $17 million

Published on: April 9th, 2007 EDGE Staff

GPL Version 3 divides open source community

There are more than 40 different open source and free software licences in use, but the General Public Licence (GPL) is the most widely used. The Linux operating system is just one example

Published on: February 2nd, 2007 Grant Buckler

Privacy advocates launch DRM information portal

Canadian privacy advocates are pushing the federal government to back away from any moves to extend legal protection to digital rights management technology through copyright reform.More than a dozen organizations, including the Electronic

Published on: May 18th, 2006 Shane Schick