Heartbleed has taken Canada by storm - Find out what you need to know and how to audit your systems from Claudiu Popa
Heartbleed's 'worst case scenario' may not be the theft of encryption keys after all.

Published: April 8th, 2014

SecureKey now offers trusted platform as a mobile service

A Toronto-based firm has launched a new service that will allow companies to confirm the identity of their employees and customers using smartphones and third-party profiles, while keeping privacy in tact. SecureKey Technologies

Published on: March 26th, 2013 Brian Jackson

Windows 8’s ‘one OS to rule them all’ approach forgets the shared PC

I recently got my hands on a Windows 8 Pro DVD and was eager to install it on my media centre PC. Using the computer from the couch, I envisioned the larger, touch-friendly

Published on: December 14th, 2012 Brian Jackson

Hackers selling off Web credentials amassed in huge databases

Cyber-criminals have amassed so many credentials for various social networks and Web services that they are now creating the equivalent of discount factory outlets to sell them off, Trusteer Research reports. The Web

Published on: February 8th, 2012 ITBusiness Staff

How to assess a cloud provider’s access control

Depending on what your cloud application is doing, there will be several levels of access control. The simplest is at the file level: the operating system will enforce user/group/world or access control lists

Published on: February 2nd, 2011 David Taber

IT security certifications guide will make hiring easier

Finding qualified personnel to secure corporate networks can be difficult, especially for HR professionals who may not understand how the industry works and what qualities they should be looking for in a candidate.

Published on: January 10th, 2008 Vawn Himmelsbach