Calgary incubator offers startups cheap desks, free beer

Calgary is one of the country’s fastest growing cities but the Alberta metropolis’ real estate boom can be a tough barrier for many fledgling tech startups struggling to get their companies off the

Published on: October 26th, 2011 Nestor Arellano

How businesses can save on rent with co-working

With office space rent in downtown areas starting at around at upwards of $1,000/month, what's a budget constrained tech start-up or single-person businesses operation to do?Thankfully, an alternative working arrangement called co-working offers

Published on: September 27th, 2011 Nestor Arellano

Championship: Don’t count Ottawa out

By Francis Moran and Leo Valiquette Scott Annan is no stranger to the Ottawa startup community. The founder of software development and web consultancy Mercury Grove and social utility Network Hippo fits the mould of what we describe as

Published on: September 15th, 2011 Francis Moran

10 tips for making the most out of co-working

Now that you’ve read our two previous articles on co-working, you’re probably interested to find out if the particular work style is for you, and if so how do you get started?Co-working may

Published on: September 9th, 2011 Nestor Arellano

Office space with benefits: sharing a desk helps entrepreneurs cut costs

What's your dream workplace? Is it a high-tech office in the heart of downtown, or an open concept room in a quiet courtyard in the suburbs or a bare essentials desk in a

Published on: September 6th, 2011 Nestor Arellano

Co-working gaining ground with tech entrepreneurs

By Nestor E. Arellano Despite all the good stuff you hear about it, working from home can be a drag some days. There will always be those moments when you can’t get any

Published on: September 2nd, 2011 Nestor Arellano