Avoid these mistakes when upgrading your cell phone contract

by Kye Husbands We all know a thing or two about getting what we want in a negotiation and when it comes to cellphones everyone has a tip. Some believe they know how

Published on: January 30th, 2012 Kye Husbands

Does Canada offer more competitive mobile rates than the U.S. ?

by Yale Holder For years I’ve been hearing how much more competitive the US market is than in Canada. So imagine my surprise to find that maybe that is not the case anymore.

Published on: November 16th, 2011 Yale Holder

Lessons for Canadian mobile market from the AT&T/T-Mobile deal

 By Simon McNeil  Recently AT&T entered into an agreement to buy out T-Mobile for $39 Billion US. It has caused a stir south of the border in part because T-Mobile and AT&T are

Published on: April 12th, 2011 ITBusiness Staff

Managing your cell phone bills – 3 quick Tips

As reported by the OTI in their latest survey and Canada's Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications (CCTS),  Canadians still have the dubious record of being the most expensive cell phone market in the

Published on: November 24th, 2010 Kye Husbands

5 important things to know about Canadian cell phone plans

 The Canadian cell phone industry is confusing and difficult to understand. When comparing plans you have to deal with calling circle plans, specified evenings and weekend minutes, “anytime” minutes – it’s all so

Published on: August 5th, 2010 Yale Holder

How to get the best wireless phone plan for your business

The battle for wireless customers in Canada has been sizzling hot this summer with new entrants such Wind Mobile enticing cell phone users with anything from hot deals to hotdogs. Meanwhile, incumbent Rogers

Published on: August 3rd, 2010 Nestor Arellano